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Mobile phone blogging on Wordsworth by High School students.

Possum21’s Blog: change & continuity in nature’s “sensations sweet” July 24, 2008

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10 Responses to “Possum21’s Blog: change & continuity in nature’s “sensations sweet””

  1. Flower Says:

    I am similar to you Heather. I love watching the motion of the sea, it helps me to feel relaxed and release any tension I may have. It helps me to not take life too seriously and stress the small stuff.

  2. Fredworthius Says:

    Is there possibly something about the fluidity of water that seems to penetrate the mind and wash away all negative thought? Or perhaps it is the never-ending cycle of the waves that reminds us that no matter how much of a trough we think we are in, there is always a crest to go with it?
    Whatever it is, water has the uncanny ability to put to rest even the most worried mind.

  3. Flargin Says:

    Theraputic is the exact word that should be associated with nautre, especially as you have said – the beach. teh continuation of the waves can provide a sort of trance over people so they can calm tehmselves into a state of peace and tranquility.
    I like the ending “he………ah…………….oh”. very true!

  4. awesomeness Says:

    I agree that the memories however profound can never be a substitute for the real deal

  5. BUTTERCUP Says:

    wow! I loved the words you used to describe the feelings you felt when you where on your sailing boat! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. asherlev Says:

    There is something very therapeutic and relaxing about immersing yourself, physically or visually in the ocean. It demands respect and admiration.

  7. bluebubble18 Says:

    There is just something about the movement of the ocean. I’ve always loved the beach and the great expanse of ocean that stretches out before me. I climb the headlands on either ends of the beach and look out over the sea. It is calming for me to realise that the world is so much bigger than me and that compared to God, who has to look after the whole world, my problems are nothing to worry about.

  8. chatterbox Says:

    I like your point about the change and continuity in the ocean, never considered this before.

    I also find that nature’s simplicity can help to put things into perspective. However, I also marvel sometimes at the complexity of nature – and how it all comes so seamlessly together to form the world around us. When you think about it, itโ€™s quite amazing.

  9. Ellen Says:

    I agree with your last statement that “however these feelings are never quite as pronounced as when I am actually amidst nature”.. Often while I am creating my memories I appreciate them more rather than when I reflect back on them. This usually happens to me, as when I am with my friends in nature, I appreciate the time spent with them and the surroundings when I am actually at the place. This could be whether I am at a park drinking coffee and just talking, or going out to the beach and just spending time together in the overwhelming magnificence of the ocean. This could also be due to the fact that my memory becomes less accurate with time and if I have created memories with friends they can tell the stories back to me. Thank you for your words of wisdom. It really helped me realise how I feel in relation to my time spent with friends in nature.

  10. Soo Clark Says:

    What great comments, we need reflections like this to remind us how special the natural world is and how much we gain from being connected to it, even if it is only now and then.

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