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buttercup’s blog: being in nature brings a larger perspective July 23, 2008

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4 Responses to “buttercup’s blog: being in nature brings a larger perspective”

  1. Flargin Says:

    Great thinking Buttercup! You have a deep sense of what you find restoring and it is clear that your connection with nature is truely not skin deep.
    Good Job (imagine a sticker here)

  2. bluebubble18 Says:

    I agree, to put things in perspective people need to put aside their problems and look at the big picture, and nature is a good way to do that. Nature is something that can look after itself and doesnt need humans to survive, but humans depend on nature.

  3. Sydney Says:

    The point that you made on how nature puts things into perspective for you is very good. It is so true that a simple problem we encounter in our everyday lives can seem so little in comparision to the world.

    I know certianly I can relate to this when I am standing next to the ocean, you can look into the distance and of course you see nothing but you know way out there is another country and almost another world of people going through life just like you and it certianitly humbles a person when they comtemplate this idea.

    Also you think about how mighty the ocean is or when I visited the Grand Canyon I was amazed at the vastness of it and it shows a person how grand a impact nature can have on a place and shows the presence of God. When you compare yourself to something like the Grand Canyon you can see how small you are in this world and once again, humbles you.

  4. Flower Says:

    I completley agree buttercup! Nature also helps me put things in perspective and to not stress the small stuff.

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