Reflections on Wordsworth via Mobile Phone

Mobile phone blogging on Wordsworth by High School students.

Message to Students June 28, 2008

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Over the next few weeks, while you’re on holiday, why not post a few blogs? Your posts can be any combination of text, images and video (emailed to, plus audio (by ringing the phone number from your mobile).

Ideas for your first blogs:

– compose your own nature poetry.

– visit urban locations (the train station, the city, the shopping centre), and stop and reflect on human society as you observe it. Compose poetry on human industry and society. Post reflections on what you observe.

– research William Wordsworth and post a text blog about what you’ve learnt (simply email your text blog from your school address to If you attach photos, they’ll appear in the blog.

Students, I’ll categorise your blogs as they come in, and we’ll make them accessible via sub-menus here at the website. You can leave comments for each other, just don’t use your real name.

Finally, you can recommend blogs for the special category: “THE BEST BLOGS” which will feature the best we have to offer.


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